Demolition Robot 22M-D


Robot-demolición -RDC 22M-D

Demolition Robot 22M-D

Controlled demolition robot RDC 22M-D compact with 3-cylinder turbo diesel engine entirely designed and manufactured in Spain (Suria, Barcelona).

Remotely operated up to 150 mts without wired connection. Compact because its minimum width (780mm) is less than the standard width of a door and its weight is less than 2 tm. Rubber chain drive (optionally steel). Arm consisting of three booms to obtain the best reach. 360º rotating tower. Stabilisation by means of dozer blades (with material pushing as a secondary function) or by means of adjustable stabiliser legs (2 + 2 or individually on request); the stabilisation systems are interchangeable or combinable (front dozer, rear stabilisers).

Smopyc Gold Award 2017 in the category “New machine developments” for the new RDC 22M-D compact turbo diesel Robot (750 mm wide) with 250 kg attachment capacity